Case study: Communicating about the Polish Deal


Find out how our agency, through expert PR and effective media relations, has enabled inFakt to become one of the most visible commentators on the Polish Deal tax reform.


In 2021, the Polish government announced plans to introduce the Polish Deal (Polski Ład), the broadest tax reform in years.

InFakt, a company that provides modern accounting solutions through its web application and mobile app, took an active role in the discussions around the laws and provided explanations of the legal and tax complexities associated with the reform. This goes in line with their mission to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs.

Despite facing challenging conditions such as frequent changes in the draft of the reform, uncertainty regarding the proposed solutions (preliminary concepts vs. specific assumptions), and the need to respond quickly to unexpected government announcements, the experts from inFakt, in collaboration with the SAROTA PR team, undertook the challenge of effectively communicating the details of the Polish Deal.


Both the agency and the inFakt team mutually agreed to prioritize the communication of the Polish Deal in the company's outreach efforts. They decided to direct all available resources and communication activities toward explaining the complexities of the reform. Piotr Juszczyk, Chief Tax Advisor at inFakt, was appointed as the designated expert to speak to the media. They established a streamlined procedure to quickly obtain information from the expert, which was then used by the agency to prepare press materials for distribution.

Given the extensive media coverage surrounding the Polish Deal, the tactical approach was to identify provisions and aspects of the reform that were of great importance to entrepreneurs but hadn't received sufficient attention or communication.

In order to find out the opinion of entrepreneurs on the changes implemented under the Polish Order, inFakt conducted a survey in which it asked their opinion on the proposed regulations and their plans related to their implementation. This allowed the identification of the biggest problems for business and the adaptation of communication to the expectations of entrepreneurs. The results of the survey were announced at an online press event.

To gauge the opinion of entrepreneurs on the changes implemented under the Polish Deal, inFakt conducted a survey asking for their feedback on the proposed regulations and their plans regarding implementation. This allowed inFakt to identify the most significant challenges for businesses and tailor their communication to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs. The results of the survey were announced during an online press event.

In collaboration with, two Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions were organized with the participation of Piotr Juszczyk and Włodek Markowicz. These events provided entrepreneurs with a direct opportunity to ask the experts questions related to the Polish Deal.

A commitment was made to comment on the government's plans solely based on merit, in order to foster trust in the expert's independence and to build a positive reputation within the industry.

An approach was adopted to comment on the government's plans only on the merits, in order to build trust and the image of an independent expert.


inFakt's voice became one of the most prominent in the media discussion surrounding the Polish Deal, contributing to better preparation of entrepreneurs for the forthcoming changes.

From May 2021 until the end of 2022, a total of 90 press materials and individual commentaries were produced for the media, all related to the Polish Deal.

From May 2021 to the end of 2022, a total of 90 press materials were produced and individual commentaries for the media related to the Polish Deal.

The online event was attended by 13 journalists from leading Polish publications, including Gazeta Wyborcza, Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita,,, Fakt, and

Overall, the media relations activities generated almost 1,800 publications from the beginning of the communication efforts until the end of 2022. These publications included major media outlets critical to brand communication, such as Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Puls Biznesu, RMF FM, Radio ZET,,,,,, and others.

During the two AMA sessions, more than 700 questions were asked on, and the session page received visits from 44,000 users.

As a result of their media relations efforts, Piotr Juszczyk became the host of webinars for entrepreneurs organized by the publisher of Puls Biznesu. He has also become a go-to expert for accounting and tax topics for many media outlets.
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