Case study: F-Secure Media Expert


Leszek Tasiemski – this name has appeared in over 1100 publications across many media outlets, including Gazeta Wyborcza, TVP, Radio Zet and The support of our agency has made this F-Secure expert one of the most quoted commentators in the field of cybersecurity. Here is how we made it happen.


F-Secure is one of the leading European cybersecurity vendors. The company recruits the best minds in the industry while keeping a relentless focus on growing the next generation of cyber security pros. F-Secure’s experts continually disrupt the industry. Their research-led approach, victories at hacking contests, and talks at conferences win respect around the globe.

One of F-Secure’s R&D centers is located in Poland.

The knowledge and experience of the Polish F-Secure team provided the potential to strengthen the brand’s expert image in the media. With the help of our agency, the experts associated with F-Secure had a chance to become the leading commentators in the field of cybersecurity.

In addition to their substantive input, the experts were to play an important role in building good and active relations between the brand and the media – including both specialist and general media


During the initial stage, we interviewed and selected the main regional F-Secure expert in cooperation with the client. In the end, we have chosen Leszek Tasiemski – one of the most experienced specialists in the global F-Secure team – because of his broad substantive knowledge and his natural ability to relay information through comprehensible examples.

Before participating in any activities, Leszek Tasiemski has undergone internal media training. In cooperation with the expert, we defined cybersecurity topics that could be commented on. We also formulated the process of providing different forms of answers – written and direct.

We started presenting Leszek Tasiemski as an expert commentator in our connections with journalists, especially when in contact with large-scale and business-oriented media. We were responsible for coordinating the whole process, from acquiring to delivering the quotes. We also provided trial runs before meetings with journalists and made substantive contributions to written comments. Additionally, the F-Secure expert was being actively recommended to journalists during important events and news related to cybersecurity.

Thanks to substantive quality and organizational efficiency, the number of publications was steadily growing.


In the span of 2 years, Leszek Tasiemski has made 128 specialist comments and interviews for the media. Those include an extensive interview for Gazeta Wyborcza and statements for TVP1, Polskie Radio, Radio ZET, Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita, Fakt, as well as online portals, or

Furthermore, the comments by Leszek Tasiemski were featured as quotes in broadly-distributed press releases, which resulted in his name appearing in almost 1000 additional publications.

Leszek Tasiemski has become one of the most frequently quoted experts in the field of cybersecurity in Poland.

Thanks to the expert's extensive media exposure, F-Secure’s reputation as an employer has also grown. The number of applications for vacant positions in the Polish R&D branch of the company has increased, which allowed for the acquisition of experts valuable in the cybersecurity industry.
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