SAROTA PR Expands Its Digital Marketing Offering. Meet SAROTA DIGITAL


Time to broaden our horizons! After years of developing a solid digital marketing portfolio, we are proud to unveil our new website: SAROTA DIGITAL. This initiative is our response to the growing demands of our clients who seek comprehensive communication services that go beyond traditional Public Relations.

Today, businesses expect their PR agency to be not just a partner in media relations, but also a support in organizing and managing all communication activities across various channels. Increasingly, clients require additional services such as managing social media profiles, creating video case studies, or running lead generation campaigns, in addition to classic media relations.

With our extensive experience in providing marketing services for technology clients, we have gained a deep understanding of the IT industry’s needs. We have carried out numerous projects for brands like PHILIPS, SAPPHIRE Technology, TechData, Signify, and Verizon Connect. As the needs of these companies have grown and our agency has evolved, we recognized the necessity to structure our Digital Marketing division and its offerings more formally.

SAROTA DIGITAL provides a wide range of services, including web design and development, email and social media marketing, video production, graphic design and branding, content marketing, influencer marketing, and performance marketing. Looking ahead, we plan to expand our portfolio to include business process automation services. We leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise in the Microsoft 365 environment and our proprietary PR tools, which helped us win a global Microsoft hackathon.

Our Digital division also serves as an internal developer of tools and automation within our agency, enabling our teams responsible for B2B and product client services to utilize advanced analytical functions and digital processes necessary for effective communication campaigns.

You can explore the full range of SAROTA DIGITAL services at: SAROTA DIGITAL. See you there!

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