SAROTA PR Joins the Worldcom Public Relations Group


[Krakow, 23.05.2024] SAROTA PR has joined the Worldcom Public Relations Group – a global network of PR agencies. At the same time, it is the only Polish member of the group. This gives the agency the opportunity to exchange experience with leading agencies from around the world and participate in joint international projects.

Invitation to join the Worldcom PR Group involved undergoing a demanding verification process – candidate agencies for membership in the group must meet appropriate standards of quality, professionalism, ethics and work standards. At the final stage, SAROTA PR was accepted into the network by a unanimous decision of affiliated agencies from 49 countries.

Joining the Worldcom PR Group gives us new opportunities to follow trends, expand our knowledge and know-how in an international community of top communications professionals. Thanks to the partnership, we gain the opportunity to implement projects on a much wider scale and to offer clients additional services and access to other markets in cooperation with affiliated agencies.

Katarzyna Sarota, CEO of SAROTA PR

The network has united independent PR agencies from all over the world – from the Americas to Europe to Asia – for more than 70 years, giving their representatives the opportunity to share experiences and best practices on how to conduct communications activities.

According to the group’s representatives, PR agencies from around the world are increasingly looking for strategic alliances through which they can increase their operational capabilities.

We’re witnessing a transformative shift as independent agencies worldwide increasingly seek strategic alliances to amplify their operational capacities and deliver unparalleled value to clients globally . This trend strengthens our existing partnership and propels Worldcom to unprecedented heights. Our commitment remains focused on identifying and embracing agencies that complement our goals, fortifying our presence across crucial regions and sectors. By leveraging our partners’ collective expertise and deep local insights, we create a powerful global partnership that enables us to tackle complex challenges, drive innovation, and deliver impactful results for our clients. The addition of SAROTA PR and Up & Company underscores our dedication to lead and innovate in the industry while providing agencies with the support they need to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

Stefan Pollack, Global Chair of Worldcom and President of The Pollack Group

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