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Press Meeting in the Konica Minolta Presentation Center


On October 4 in Warsaw, in the presence of media representatives, the newly opened Konica Minolta Presentation Center was presented. On 285 meters of space, journalists had the chance to learn about innovative printing devices, digital refining machines, systems for improving the management of office documents, and business solutions which use Augmented Reality (AR). SAROTA PR was responsible for the communications side of the event.

Representatives of industry, business, technology and news media were invited. During the event, conclusions from the report on price drivers on the printing market, prepared by PwC and commissioned by Konica Minolta, were presented. The refining equipment offered by the manufacturer helps printing houses keep a competitive edge.

With the concept of the workplace of the future in mind, Konica Minolta also develops, among others, content management systems and AR solutions for business. The journalists present at the meeting had the opportunity to learn about interactive printing enriched with digital elements, as well as about virtual showrooms and AR Weareable Communicator goggles used in Poland, for example for assembling wagons.

After the presentation part, the guests visited five sections of the Showroom, devoted to different areas of Konica Minolta’s operations as well as the specially designed darkroom. The attendees could learn how the refined, convex printing affects the perception of content. The journalists received posters with their image, printed using the so called 3D sensor coating technology.

The media relations efforts around the event resulted in nearly 100 publications, including in the media which are key for Konica Minolta’s business strategy.

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