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Channel partner marketing support from the perspective of Polish IT resellers


Channel Partner Marketing Support (CPMS) is an important aspect of sales activity for many reseller companies. Vendors have budgets, experience and other marketing resources at their disposal, therefore they are able to provide commercial partners with a number of tools and forms of cooperation in this field.

CRN Polska magazine in partnership with the SAROTA PR agency conducted a research on 100 companies, with a goal to determine the needs of Polish IT resellers in regards to CPMS tools, as well as the scale and the methods of their use. The results of the study may help in planning and forming cooperation between vendors and resellers.

The final report includes answers to following questions and more:

– how many Polish resellers use CPMS?

– which CPMS tools are being used most often?

– which CPMS tools are most effective in the opinion of Polish resellers?

– which CPMS tools are missed the most by Polish resellers?

– what quarterly value of CPMS is effective in the opinion of Polish resellers?

– what part of all marketing activities make the ones done with CPMS?

Download the report for detailed results and conclusions.




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