About us

About us

We provide communication actvities for multinational companies from the IT industry, software manufacturers, producers of electronics goods and companies from the emerging technologies sector.

We operate on the Polish, Czech and Slovakian markets.

We also undertake with enthusiasm projects for the smaller players on the local market.

The positive surprise,exceeding your expectations – this is what you can expect from us.


Piotr Sarota, the company’s founder and chief executive.

He is responsible for contacting and consulting with clients. Previously active in IT (Information Technology) media, Piotr also has extensive experience in public relations, having earned a diploma in the subject from the London School of Public Relations; a postgraduate diploma in Business Communications from Tischner European University; and a MA from the Cracow University of Economics.

He is fond of nonviolent communications and explores the practical knowledge of mediation.

He is a devoted runner and sailor.


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